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You can now vote on new features for Writing Outliner – introduced UserVoice

Posted in: Novel Writing Software by Edwin on July 19, 2010

I have just integrated UserVoice voting system with the Writing Outliner website, and I have “migrated” some existing suggestions from the existing Writing Outliner forum, please vote now to influence the future development of Writing Outliner – the MS Word add-on for professional and creative writers who need to write long texts (novels, technical manuals, research papers, etc)  in Microsoft Word.

Click here to vote on new features for Writing Outliner now!

If you have followed the development of Writing Outliner  – you should have noticed that during the development of this writing software I,  the developer, have been listening to feedbacks from you nice people -like what Wojciech – a fan of Writing Outliner  said in an email to me:

I’d like to let you know that I have just made use of you promotion and bought both Writing Outliner and MindVisualiser licenses. Although I was rather ‘silent’ last months, I followed the forum and your announcements with still growing satisfaction and respect – I have never seen such a successful software development from the scratch and fruitful interaction between testers/fans and the developer. My sincere congratulations! Good job Edwin!!

Sorry not being modest by showing off this email, but what I want is to show you that I really listen to you users and I ask for your help to vote on the feature suggestions made in the past few months with this new voting system.