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Word Tabbed Editing, etc – Writing Outliner New screenshots

Posted in: Word addin by Edwin on February 23, 2010

Hi Folks,

I know you have been long waiting for Writing Outliner Word addin, and I’m sorry for not being able to release it that early as you  might have been expected, but here are some screenshots and I hope you’ll find it ‘s worthwhile to be awaited 😉

Tabbed Word Document Editing

Tabbed document editing in Word

So with Writing Outliner you’ll be able to editing multiple documents in Word without switching programs with tabs (the popular modern UI design concept, especially  in the Web browser world).

Icon markers for Word document

Document status iconWord document labels

In the outliner there are two built-in columns: document status and document lables, both are represented by an icon and a name. I’m a “visual” guy, I believe that human brain processes graph better than processing text, so I believe these two visual clues will help you better manage your writing projects.

Tagging Word documents

Word document tags

Tagging such a popular tool for organizing information nowadays, especially in the Internet world, why not adopt it to manage Word Documents?  It’s another tool in Writing Outliner for your to manage your documents right inside Microsoft Wor!

Another secrete about Writing Outliner Word addon I want to unveil: The Project Manager in Writing Outliner Word addin is almost a full-featured file manager like the Windows Explorer 😉

But I’m kind of perfectionistic (?) so I’m still adding some more features before I release it as a beta version 😉

Questions? Please!