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Thorough support for Word 2010 is coming

Posted in: Word addin by Edwin on May 24, 2010

Hi folks,

Some of you might have already know that while in most cases Writing Outliner Word works with Office 2010, the current version (beta 3) of this addin still has various problems when working with Word 2010.

Now here is a good news – I have upgraded the  underlying SDK to a newer version which claims to support Word 2010 better (the SDK itself is still in beta and the final version will due in June, but the SDK vendor says that it’s quite stable and is already-for-a-product), and I’ll integrate it into the upcoming Writing Outliner beta 4, and I guess as a result beta 4 will work better with Word 2010.

The new ‘start page’ tab in Writing Outliner Word Add-in

Posted in: Word addin by Edwin on May 22, 2010

I’d like to show you one of the new features for beta 4, instead of always opens the current document in the new tab,  the ‘start page’ tab now will shows up every time you open a new tab.

You can simply click any document in the Project Manager Outliner on the left to edit it in the new tab, or you have two alternative options – open  a new tab for the Multi-column Outliner or the embedded file manager (for importing or exporting documents).

I imagine you’ll start using some new future features from this new “Start Page” tab, this way the UI can be simplified. Screenshot below:

tabbed document editing in Word

Good Word tutorial about style, numbering, sections and so on.

Posted in: Book writing software by Edwin on May 5, 2010

Since I’m implementing functions related to styles and templates for Writing Outliner Word Add-in, I’m doing some research on the Internet, and I found this user’s guide to Microsoft Word by Charles Kyle Kenyon, it’s a very good article for Word users, especially legal users, who deal with large Word documents which contains complex numbering, styles and so on. I recommend it.