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Color index cards, high resolution screen support, and other corkboard usability improvements

Posted in: Book writing software, Version History by Edwin on March 27, 2020

I’m excited to announce that WritingOutliner version 1.9.39 has been just released.

Among a bunch of other improvements, two of the major new features are:

  • Color index cards for the corkboard
  • Full support for high resolution screens such as 4K monitors. See the video below.
Index card software for MS Word

Posted in: Index card software, Version History by Edwin on January 21, 2011

Just added a new page that shows the new corkboard (index card) view for the Screenshots section of the Writing Outliner website.

I think now with the newly added ability to treat each documents in a writing project  as an index card,

Writing Outliner can be called an index card software.

The corkboard (index cards) preview demo video

Posted in: Writing Software by Edwin on December 14, 2010

Update: A new version with the corkboard view has been released.

The screenshot of the Corkboard (index cards)

in case you don’t want to view the video below  but it’s highly recommended !

Corkboard (index cards) in Writing Outliner Word Add-in

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