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Writing Outliner version

Posted in: Version History by Edwin on December 13, 2022

What’s new

  • Massively simplified the internal structure of the software, resulted in a cleaner, more stable and flexible base for future development.
  • Enhancements:
    • The document is instantly searchable after you manually saved it (in previous versions you’d have to switch to another document before you can search in it).
    • Upgraded the project database system to the latest SQLite.
    • Project loading is faster thanks for more optimized project database operations.
    • Several small user interface enhancements.
    • ‘Copy Project File To…’ menu caption has been changed to ‘Backup Project File…’ so that it’s easier to understand by the users.
  • Issues fixed:
    • When the Word window has no document currently open, pressing [Ctrl + Shift + PgUp/PgDn] (for quickly jumping to previous/next document in a Writing Outliner project) will cause error message popping up.
    • Ensure the latest version of the Writing Outliner manual is opened every time you click the Open the Manual button.
    • Changed the keyboard shortcuts for toggling the left/right panes, the old ones no longer work (possibly due to conflicting with new versions of Word).
    • In a situation error message might pop up when Writing Outliner is updating the word/character counts in realtime.