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New function is coming: Export all project documents to a folder

Posted in: Outliner Software, Version History by Edwin on January 31, 2011

Export documents to a folder

You might know that Writing Outliner software stores all your documents and the associated document tags, notes, synopsis, etc, in a SQLITE database which is the most reliable desktop database system.

But some of you told me that you will feel more comfortable and safe if you can access all your documents in a folder in your disk.

And I fully understand and respect that – I’m not only saying this, but I am actually doing something to make you feel safer and more comfortable when using this outliner software.

The screenshot

Check the following screenshot, I’ve just added a new function to Writing Outliner software, it allows you with a few clicks to export all documents, or  in a given project to a folder.

In this Outliner Software you can export your documents

I’ll release the new version of the outliner software later

After the upcoming holidays here, I’ll show the exported result, including:

  • The exported files and subfolders in the target folder.
  • The index file, which is a Word document with a table which lists all document metadata, and especially, with links to exported files, so that you can access the exported documents easier.

And importantly, I’ll release the new version of this outliner and document organizer for MS Word!

New Function Added: ‘Auto Title Case’

Posted in: Book writing software, Version History by Edwin on January 22, 2011

Start from today, from time to time I’ll write about new functions being added as the Writing Outliner software developments goes.

And this is the new ‘Auto Title Case‘ for document titles, now when you first time edit a document title in the outline, Writing Outliner software will automatically turn the title into ‘title case’. It’s a small function, but image the time it can save us in the long run 🙂

The following screenshot should demonstrate it well:

Index card software for MS Word

Posted in: Index card software, Version History by Edwin on January 21, 2011

Just added a new page that shows the new corkboard (index card) view for the Screenshots section of the Writing Outliner website.

I think now with the newly added ability to treat each documents in a writing project  as an index card,

Writing Outliner can be called an index card software.

New version with the new corkboard (index cards) view!

Posted in: Version History by Edwin on January 3, 2011

Hi folks,

First of all, happy new year! Writing Outliner Word Add-in new version v1.2.0.662 has been released, the major new feature is the corkboard view, as you can see it in a video demo in my previous post, as well as other enhancements and bugfixes, details at the end.

Please download the new trial version (paid customers please find your purchase notification email for the full version download link, contact me if you can’t find it). As always, you feedbacks, comments and questions are welcomed!

Promo for the New Version and the New Year!

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