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News about WordOutliner – the ‘rewritten Writing Outliner’

Posted in: Outliner Software by Edwin on January 20, 2014

Update 1 (Jan 29, 2014): a little delay of the beta version release, need to get the new website up first.

Update 2 (March, 2014): I’ve done the new website (that was a lot of work), But regarding the new software there is one thing I did not expect originally – Microsoft has removed the ‘Single Word Window mode’ in Word 2013 (means there is no more ‘show all windows in the taskbar’), but I took for granted this can’t happen… So I need to change the new WordOutliner to adapt for it and it’s taking a little more time… Thanks for your patience, my friends!

Some updates about the ‘rewritten Writing Outliner’ (will be called WordOutliner, in case you didn’t know yet, WordOutliner will be much well-designed, and it’ll use the more open file system instead of SQLite databases as the document storage) .


Note: all existing and new customers will GET the new WordOutliner for free!

So buy Writing Outliner now.


The new name

The name of the ‘rewritten Writing Outliner’ will be WordOutliner – outliner software for (MS) Word .

The new website

The website will be moved to (not very soon).  And, well, considering the new name above, I’m suggesting you’ll find XXXOutliner(s) on that new website in the future 😉 but I can’t reveal any details yet.

The ETA of the first beta of WordOutliner

The beta test version of WordOutliner should be able to be available for download by the end of this month (means before the lunar new year in my country),  I’m currently working on the ability of importing *.woproj files (the Writing Outliner project files) into WordOutliner.

But please note that, the corkboard and full text search functions (of Writing Outliner) will NOT be available the first beta release of WordOutliner, these features will be added soon after.

Some sitenotes

It’s been quite sometime since I announced the plan of rewriting Writing Outliner, aside from rewriting a software project itself is quite difficult, I had to (I’ll explain later) working on  another new product (a project that real take a lot of time!) in the past years, and it might be of interesting to some of you, I’ll announce it during the announcement of the first beta release of WordOutliner.