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Writing Outliner now supports Windows 8 and Office 2013 (32bit)

Posted in: Version History by Edwin on March 31, 2013

New Writing Outliner with Windows 8 and Word 2013 support.

Writing Outliner v1.6.20.802 is available for download now, with the following enhancements:

  • Supports Windows 8 (32bit and 64bit).
  • Supports Word 2013 (32bit only).
  • Fixed the bugs that might cause MS Word would not run with Writing Outliner.
  • Bugfixes that pops up error messages windows.
  • The new SQLITE database engine which is used to store project files and other data.
  • And new versions of all the third party software components that should provide better stability.

And the upgrade is free for all customers! (The new version is coming a little late, sorry).

Here are the trial version and full version download link.

Some data security notes:

  1. It’s not recommended to put your project files in Dropbox,  because it seems that all reported project file corruptions were stored in Dropbox. 

    Although the SQLITE database engine which used to store project data has been updated and this problem might no longer exist, but it’s suggested that you store your projects out side of Dropbox.


Please let me know if you have any problems using this new version of the Word addin.

Help needed, if you like Writing Outliner and want it to move forward

I’m  the only developer of Writing Outliner, and if you have noticed, I barely promote Writing Outliner, well, there are some reasons, the primary reasons including that I don’t like or am good at marketing, and I don’t know well the community of the Writing Outliner users.

Well, this might sound unprofessional, but I want to be honest 😉

So I’m here asking for some help, many of you praised or said you love Writing Outliner, now it’s time to show your support 😉

What I need is simple, if you like Writing Outliner, recommend Writing Outliner to other people.

Your help will help Writing Outliner to move forward. Thanks.

And if any of you can and want to  re-sell Writing Outliner, that’ll be better 🙂 Please contact me privately, tell me what you need and what you can do.


What’s next?

Improving the stability and performance of Writing Outliner is the main task.

ProjectFolders Pre-beta demo video is now available

Posted in: Outliner Software by Edwin on March 27, 2013

I’m writing ProjectFolders – the succeed product of Writing Outliner, due to reasons I stated in this blog (new data storage, improve stability and performance, etc).

I know many of your have been waiting for news about ProjectFolders, and I’m behind my schedule, and I apology, but today I finally have something to show:

This video demo shows what I have right now.

ProjectFolders differs from Writing Outliner in the following manners:

  • All data are open – your files are stored as they are in your hard disk. 
  • Your document are safe, because ProjectFolders will not alter your documents at all – except renaming, copying and moving them across your project folders.
  • ProjectFolders is much faster, because of the new design.
  • ProjectFolders will open your existing Writing Outliner projects.
  • Other differences? You figure them out in the video, I don’t want to let this list grow too much, or you won’t read, will you? 😉

Questions and comments? Why not? That’s why I’m posting the news here in the blog.

And here is a screenshot, but I encourage you to watch the video demo.

ProjectFolders Pre-beta screenshot