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I’m writing Writing Outliner user manual with Writing Outliner itself

Posted in: Manual Authoring Software by Edwin on May 22, 2011

Some said that, software developers can only write good software if themselves are the end users of the software being developed, that’s very true.

As per my recent posts I’ve blogged about the new features included in the upcoming new version of Writing Outliner, and I’m now completing the user manual (or help document) for this outliner software for all kinds writers including academic writers.

And as I’m writing the user manual for Writing Outliner software, I am getting more findings and understandings about what’s good and what can be improved of this outliner software for writers. And this is more efficient than just hearing feedbacks from the users (this is also a key to write good software too, I believe).

Once the user manual is written, I might want to add to Writing Outliner software the ability to directly output  html pages , PDF, or CHM help formats.

Upcoming – Copy and paste documents in the project outline

Posted in: Outliner Software, Version History by Edwin on May 1, 2011

In the upcoming new version of Writing Outliner software (for MS Word on Windows),

you’ll be able to duplicate/copy documents in a writing project, by using the new copy and paste commands.

Most of you have requested this feature previously.

screenshot below:

Screenshot of outliner software for Windows