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Auto Word document backup and restore in Writing Outliner

Posted in: Word addin by Edwin on April 14, 2010

I’m working on new things, such as improving the full text word document search function in Writing Outliner Word Add-in.

In the mean time I’d like to show you the confirm restore dialog which appears right before restoring a project to a previously saved revision, it also asks you if you’d like to save a new copy of the current project before performing the actual restore action, and it’s default option – to reduce the risk of overwriting new content by mistake.

Restore options

Automatic Word documents backup

To summarize, Writing Outliner Word Add-in does not only make working on multiple related Word documents in one place easier (the so called project-centric approach), but also makes backup and restore your Word documents easily:

  • Anytime you can save a backup copy of the entire project as a revision to which you can revert at a later time (if needed);
  • If you want, Writing Outliner Word Add-in  can also automatically saves a backup copy of the entire project as a revision upon closing a modified project.
  • You can view the revision number, backup time and remarks of each backup in the revision list window, see my previous post.
  • You can restore your writing project to a previous revision in case you need to do that.

I’ll show you the new search snippet and auto locating feature soon.