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DocxManager – the (second) rebirth of Writing Outliner.

Posted in: Book writing software by Edwin on May 20, 2019

Update on Jan 20, 2020: WritingOutliner will be continued to be developed, and a new version that supports all the new Word 2019/365/2016 has been released!

My dear Writing Outliner followers, thanks for the constant attention to my software product.

DocxManager is the second attempt for a software that’s tightly integrated with MS Word. Basically, like Writing Outliner it’s a kind of an outliner, but more importantly, it’s a document manager and a static website generator – yes, generate a professional looking website out of your Word documents!

Here is the new, under-construction website https://docxmanager.com, and here is a screenshot of DocxManager:

In the mean time, I’m working on features like importing exiting Writing Outliner project, and so on, preparing for the release.

New development update – Dec 2017

Posted in: Document Manager for Word by Edwin on December 14, 2017

New development  screenshot.

User interface enhancements of the upcoming new version

Posted in: Outliner Software by Edwin on May 10, 2017

Before I say something else, let me show you two screenshots.

1 – The more intuitive, re-organized “Project Manager” pane. You know, I often receive emails from WritingOutliner users asking about “where is my project file?

2 – The new dedicated Search tab (the search results display will no longer interfere the project outline display):

MS Word document full text seach - addin

If you are an existing WritingOutliner user you must have noticed other enhancements, but please noted this is a work in progress.

If you are familiar with WritingOutliner, you must know that WritingOutliner didn’t get enough updates in recent years, despite that have shown several plans, but that doesn’t produce good results (including the WordOutliner project).

Good news?

So what good news I can tell you this time? There are other reasons I don’t want to go into details now, but the failed attempts in the past years mostly because I myself did NOT use WritingOutliner itself. But now that has changed. That’s why the real software updates is happening now 🙂 And yes, 64bit will be supported too.

Some recent WritingOutliner enhancements – 2017 Jan

Posted in: Outliner Software by Edwin on January 2, 2017

I know this blog’s been silent recently. So here is the first news: The development version of WritingOutliner supports All recent Windows 8 and 10 now, but it’s not ready to be released.

Below shows some work-in-progress enhancements to the WritingOutliner.

Enhanced project file list view of the Welcome pane – if you are an existing user you can see the difference – it’s more clean, modern but conveys more info 🙂



2016 Sep WritingOutliner status update

Posted in: Outliner Software by Edwin on September 2, 2016

Dear WritingOutliner users,

I know some of they are not satisfied with the WritingOutliner development in recent years, for reasons such as WritingOutliner not working with the latest Word, etc.

All your questions will be answered.

Please head over to https://truesimplesoft.com/announcing-the-new-homepage-and-blog-for-writingoutliner-word-add-in/

I wish you keep your faith on WritingOutliner, I do and always do. 🙂


A single-line comment from a WritingOutliner user :)

Posted in: Novel Writing Software by Edwin on April 22, 2015







bob's comment

Upgrading to the latest version of SQLite engine for WritingOutliner

Posted in: Academic Writing by Edwin on February 5, 2015

You might already know that the underlying storage for the documents in a WritingOutliner project is the small, fast and reliable SQLite database system, it’s the database engine chosen by all big companies for their products, including but not limited to Google (for Chrome Browser and Android), Apple (for Apple Mail, Safari and iPhone), and so on.

And from my previous post you might already know that I’m working on a new version of WritingOutliner that will support 64bit version of MS Word (these including Word 2010, Word 2013 and Office 365), and this really involves a lot of work. But this is only a portion of the tasks – I’m also switching to another component for SQLite that will allow me to take advantage of the latest version of this database system…

Stay tuned!

In case you did know, WritingOutliner is an add-on that turns MS Word into an outliner software and make it perfect for writing professional documents like academic documents, dissertations, novels, technical documents, and so on.

WritingOutliner development update (2015 Jan)

Posted in: Outliner Software by Edwin on January 2, 2015

After upgraded the WritingOutliner to use the latest version of my development tool, this outliner software now works with 64bit version of Word 2010/2013, and should be much more Unicode-compatible, but for some unknown reasons it is noticeable slower than the old version, and now I’m trying to hunt down the culprit and will fix it.

New plan (again) for WritingOutliner

Posted in: Book writing software by Edwin on November 1, 2014

Update 1: The latest news – after in depth communications with my dear users, we’ll be stick with MS Word at the moment, instead of a standalone version, in other words, we’ll be enhancing the design of the WritingOutliner.



In order to take WritingOutliner to the next level,

we have a new plan (yes,again).

The rebirth of Writing Outliner: Rewritten software and new website!

Posted in: Outliner Software by Edwin on April 10, 2014

the new WordOutliner screenshot

Finally , the first beta test release of the rewritten WordOutliner is available for download!

WordOutliner features, new 64bit Office support, new file-system-as-storage, much better performance and stability, and full Unicode support (means any character/string displaying problem for non-English languages should be gone)!


Head over to the new WordOutliner homepage (all news and updates will happen there from now on).

Or  visit the release notes blog post.


It’s really quite a long time since the rewrite plan has announced.

But you know, rewriting a software is not ease!

Especially when I also have been working on a new product called LIVEditor! (hint: ask me for a discount, if you are interested :))

Although a lot of features exist in the old Writing Outliner have NOT been implemented in the new WordOutliner yet , this  beta 1 release can really be seen as a milestone of the development.

You’ll see more frequent updates, as I’ll follow a ‘release early, release more’ paradigm.

If you are an existing user of Writing Outliner, you’ll get a new license key for the first stable release of WordOutliner become available.

Again: if don’t own a Writing Outliner license yet,  buy Writing Outliner today and you ALSO get the new WordOutliner license when it’s out of beta.