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Writing Outliner Beta 3 Is Released!

Posted in: Version History by Edwin on April 24, 2010

What’s new in BETA 3  (vversion number is

Full-featured multi-column outliner

With it you can focus on and plan a certain portion of the project,write synopsis, notes, target words/characters, etc, and you can quickly switch betweendocument editing mode and multi-column outliner mode.
At the bottom of the multi-column outline you can see the total words/characters  and target words/characters, so that you see the progress of any portion or the whole project.  A picture worth a thousand words:
Multi-column outliner in Microsoft Word

Search snippets preview  and auto locating

go to the exact matching places easily when searching documents. See my previous blog post for details.

full text search

Project restore (and backup, of course!)

Project restore function – now you can revert the entire project to any previous revision which was saved manually or automatically!  . See my previous blog post for details and screenshots.

New graphical visual outline style

Emphasis the hierarchical relationships – and you can switch back to the old text-based style, of course! screenshot:

graphical visual outliner

Auto document synopsis extracting

Extract synopses  from documents so that you can see the overview in the multi-column outliner.

And others improvements:
  • Customize the outliner – show/hide columns, switch between visual styles – shape-based or text-based.
    outliner customization
  • More outline structuring functions – indent, outdent, etc, with keyboard support!
  • More friendly modified/created time showing, e.g. use “Today”, “Yesterday” instead of the ordinary long datetime showing.
  • When opening a Writing Outliner project in the Welcome pane, it will be opened in a new Word window instead of asking you to close the current Word document first.
  • Other improvements and bugfixes.

Thanks for your attention, folks! And I’m looking forward to you feedback!

I’ve been extremely busy in the past month, in the upcoming days I will still have a lot of work to do – mainly preparing for the first commercial release, and it’s very late here now,  I’ve got to have a sauna and take a rest now now!

Have fun play with the new version, don’t’ forget to give me feedback via email or the online best test forum.