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Derek Cater’s workflow of writing archaeological technical reports

Posted in: Novel Writing Software by Edwin on July 19, 2010

User Derek Cater shared with us his workflow of writing archaeological technical reports with Writing Outliner, it’s worth reading if you want to write technical reports in Microsoft Word, because as Derek said, without an outliner,

it was too time consuming to scroll up and down the document in MS Word, which was a continual necessity.

Derek also mentioned the problem with other outliner software is that other outliner software  usually lack advanced formatting features that Microsoft Word has (and of which Writing Outliner can take advantage):

it left a lot of formatting to be done at the end. Both of these problems are solved by Writing Outliner. Writing Outliner also puts all of MS Word’s writing and formatting tools at my disposal, which is a big bonus.

So to conclude, if you often write long Word documents, give Writing Outliner Word Add-in a try and you pain will go away.