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Upcoming: Enhanced project outline (the left project manager), part 1

Posted in: Outliner Software, Version History by Edwin on April 18, 2011

The project outline has been enhanced

In the upcoming version of Writing Outliner software, the Project Manager Outliner (on the left) will be enhanced a lot.

Word wrapping outline nodes

For example, a new option called ‘Word Wrapping‘  will be offered, once this option is enabled the document titles will be wrapped at the end of the column, so that you can see the full document titles, without having to hover your mouse over the outline nodes. Check the screenshot shown below.

A wider outline view

You might also have noticed that I’ve removed the ‘floating icon’ that shows at the right-most column in the outline, this makes the outline view wider.

More to come

In the following days I’ll be still posting more screenshots that show the new features in the upcoming new version of Writing Outliner – the outliner software for all kinds writers,  stay tuned!

Outliner software for academic writing (screenshot)