Full-featured, integrated outliner for MS Word

Outline your long Word document with great ease!

The folder-like view is an effective way to manage your large writing projects

The hierarchical outliner in Writing Outliner is the most import feature for managing your large writing projects, it allows for:

  • Better organization of drafts, thoughts, notes and research files.
  • Seeing the overview (the big picture) of the whole writing project.
  • Easier navigation of long texts, and so on.

There are two types of outlines in Writing Outliner:

  • The Project Manager Outline - it sits on the left side of the Word window, it's the central control for your writing project.
  • The Multi-column Outline - it opens as a tab in the main area of the Word window, showing all meta data of a set of documents, including titles, synopsis, notes, status icon, label icon, tags, word count, target word count, "included in compilation" checkbox, type of break to insert before when compiling, and so on. It's especially useful for planning a writing project or getting an overview of a writing project.
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What Users Say

A must-have for all serious writers who use MS Word! It provides so much of what a writer who knows what (s)he is doing needs: the flexibility of organization of longer text, focusing on fragments (with summaries, tags, notes), their overview, rearrangement and revising, all in one place.

Andrej E. Skubic,
novelist and playwright

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