Manage your long writing projects with document tags

document tagging

Document tagging is a good tool for organizing long writing projects

You can attach text tags to draft documents, note files or research files. An excellent example would be using document tags as character names to track your novels - simple add the character's name as a tag to any documents they appear in. Then, using the search feature, you can instantly you any documents in which that character appears.

Another use of document tagging would be conditional output - before compiling the whole writing project, filter it by document tags first.

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What Users Say

A must-have for all serious writers who use MS Word! It provides so much of what a writer who knows what (s)he is doing needs: the flexibility of organization of longer text, focusing on fragments (with summaries, tags, notes), their overview, rearrangement and revising, all in one place.

Andrej E. Skubic,
novelist and playwright

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