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The WritngOutliner to DocxManager Upgrade Path for Customers

Posted in: Book writing software by Edwin on November 1, 2020

I’ve just sent free replacement license keys for DocxManager to all WritingOutliner customers, if you haven’t received it, contact me at docxmanager (AT)

And here is the policy:

  • WritingOutliner Customers with expired license keys get the current version of DocxManager Basic Edition with 2 months upgrades.
  • WritingOutliner Customers with unexpired license keys get 2 more months of upgrades.
  • DocxManager customers get 2 more months of upgrades (please go to Software Activation and click Refresh Info).
  • If you want another one-year upgrade period, use this coupon: JBHEYE (valid for 2 weeks, 30 percent off on top of the already-discounted license extend cost).
  • The coupon above can also be used to upgrade from Basic Edition to Standard Edition if you need the website publishing feature from the Standard Edition.
  • BTW, this is the last introductory promo, all past promos have been expired.

I sorry that the development of the software didn’t happen earlier, and I wish you enjoy using the new DocxManager software. The handling of the software replacement might not make all people happy, but I’ve tried my best.
Just let me know if you had a special case or have any questions.